heat, A/C, and a whole lot of change

Posted: May 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

so im not usually one to do something like this, but i enjoy writing.  I hope for those of you that will read this will find it interesting and maybe even join in.  On to the first post!


So ive been in Sin City (Las Vegas, NV) for about 6 months now. Its hard to believe how quickly time flies when you are in the midst of change. I have to say that the scenery out here, although very brown (cause it’s a desert), is quite spectacular if you really take the time to look around and enjoy the beauty that God has created.  As time has pressed on i have found my self enjoying my surroundings more and more every day.  When i look on the horizon I see mountains that are so majestic and a city that if you really take a second to look is quite breathtaking.  Im used to small towns, farming communities with small downtowns and communities that know their neighbors.  What a difference from here to there.  The thought of moving out here was terrifying for me!  Im learning that community is what you make it.  Im learning that wherever you go there will always be friends. Old ones that you never lose contact with, and new ones that make you feel that you have been in a new place for years.  Its been an amazing time of growth for me though.  God is moving out here in ways I could have never imagined.  All that to say, change isn’t a bad thing, its just change thats all.  

Boy is it hot out here!  Yeah ill admit getting out here in December was great cause i missed the winter in the mid-west, but i cant say im looking forward to the intensity of a desert summer!  …”but its a dry heat”…its still 100 degrees!!! thats still hot and I got my first taste of it today while out golfing.  Yeah thats right heat and even better, SUNBURN!  So the fact that there are zero clouds out here apparently contributes to the intensity of the suns UltraViolet rays.  All i know is my arms are red, my ears look like rudolphs nose, and i have a burn line where my golf glove was on my left hand.  It doesn’t hurt (knock on wood) but lesson learned for real!  Apparently there is this product called sunscreen that supposedly keeps this burnification from happening…i must invest in this foreign material immediately!!! 

This brings me to A/C or air conditioning for you non-abbreviation folk.  I now understand the function of this AMAZING mechanical device.  For years i have thought that this contraption was just a good way to stay comfortable even when it wasnt completely necessary.  WELL, let me tell you how intensely amazing it feels when you go from a 100 degree, solar baked desert to a heavenly, slightly chilled building!!  I firmly believe that the inventor of the A/C should be given the highest award mankind has to offer…ill have to do some research on what that is, but he should get it! 

Thats all i have to say about that



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