Busted Up…

Posted: May 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Back in the day I used to be really active in sports and stuff. Baseball, tennis, soccer, street hockey, golf…etc.  The problem is when i played these sports for some reason i always picked the position that would cause the most pain to myself… apparently I’m a masochist.  I was the catcher in baseball, the goalie in both soccer and hockey and Ienjoyed being the front man in doubles tennis (yes! i was hit many times by some LAZER beam shots).  My junior year of high school i was jumping on a trampoline with a good friend of mine, we were trying to do that whole double bounce thing to make each other go higher, and my right knee hyper-extended.  Needless to say this is not a good thing.  I ended up with a blown ACL (ligament) in my knee which would need to be surgically repaired.  

After surgery I began the 6 months of rehab to work my knee back into shape.  Things went smooth and although i have had some problems with my knee from time to time, i feel like i have been able to lead a pretty active life… until recently. 

For some reason my knee started acting up about 6 months ago again.  It swells up like a balloon and then gets real stiff and hard to move.  I’ve been gaining weight because i cant do anything active on it for fear of worsening the damage, and I HATE IT.  I’ve never really been a “fit” guy before but i have always been comfortable with my weight and have been able to keep it the same for years, but this is just killing me.  I enjoy being active and I really miss baseball/softball.  I need to see a doctor for this thing and i don’t have a way to do that (no insurance).  

Im doing spectacular other than that!  Sometimes i just wish i was a lizard… then i could have someone pull off my leg (i know its just tails on lizards) and i could grow a new one!  



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