Wedding and a Colorado Sunset

Posted: May 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

OK…so wedding!  My only cousin on my dads side got married this past weekend! it was a great ceremony, the reception was beautiful and to top it all off there was a sweet photo booth with lots of fun stuff to wear.  12 hour drive from Vegas to Ft. Collins, colorado. needless to say, even with 4 drivers thats a long trip!  Anyways call me a little ahead of myself, but why is it that the music i would have played in My wedding is always played at others weddings?!?! Im not sure if its ok to use the same songs or not.  Hmmmm, maybe i should find a girl before i start picking the songs huh? Regardless the song choices weddings for me are always bitter sweet!  Im so happy for the people that are getting married but at the same time, i kinda wish it was me…kinda thing.  I know, im 25 ‘plenty of time’ but at the same time the whole idea of a family and someone to share life with has always been one of the things that i hold very near to me.  I’ve dated some pretty stellar girls all of which didnt work out for one reason or another and I cant say i would do anything different, it just wasn’t right.  I know God has something incredible for me and with that i am pretty content right now.  I’m not saying that I won’t keep my eyes open but right now its more just working on me.  

Growing up in Illinois, I saw my share of pretty sweet sunsets over the cornfields or the occasional city skyline known as Chicago.  These were always pretty great times, but i have to say moving to Vegas has been even more exciting because of some of the mountain sunsets that i’ve gotten to see.  During this trip to Colorado however, we were staying at a nice little facility overlooking a lake.  Mountains in the background and a nice cool breeze brushing the face, i got to see the most heavenly sunset i think i can remember.  The colors were strong and bright and you just get that little tingle that rolls down your spine, like after a swim in the pool when its just  a bit too chilly but it still feels really good!  Anyways, I just thought it was really cool to see the amazing things that God has given to us even though we may take them for granted some times.

i guess thats it



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