My Movie

Posted: May 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

Ive often though, “what would a movie about my life look like?”  I’ve always been an arts person, taken classes on film and music, I rarely stop listening to the things around me, its the way i connect with God, with nature, with life.  Often in car rides i find myself thinking, “what song would be playing right now if this were a movie?”  I think about my past, the songs that would create the rises and falls of my soundtrack.  I imagine the camera that would catch the glimpses of my life, the moments in time that forms my story.  There are moments of joy, laughter, pain, love, heartbreak, and friendship.  What moments would i skip, which would be scenes that i wish to delete? Which scenes would i keep for the out takes?   I think about the moments that lead to the present and beyond into the future.  I can almost hear the soundtrack in completion.  Granted i dont know whats in my future, none of us do, but i know that there will be many more moments of joy and sadness and anger and love.  I would like to think that my movie would be something that catches someone’s attention, something that someone can connect to.  Even if it is just one scene, just one connection, thats all i would wish.  What it comes down to is connections, thats why we watch TV or movies, we connect with a character.  That character may or may not be “us” on screen but there is something about who that character is that we connect to.  Maybe its the situation the character is going through, maybe its the emotion of the character, there is always something that is connected to us in some way.  I find it funny that so many people can connect to a movie or music because “yeah, thats what ive been through, thats how i felt in that situation”, yet why is it so hard to connect with people in real life.  Why do we look down at those that show weakness that show vulnerability?  A movie is a movie, we can connect to those characters because we relate to something in the emotion of the film… I wish that there were more people willing to do that in real life.



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