The Things That Keep Me Going

Posted: June 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

In these times, where the economy is slowly making a comeback, it can be really easy to focus on things that are negative and not going your way. Its easy to find myself leaning towards cynical and downtrodden, but the more that i have seen myself walking down that road i have really worked on keeping myself positive. Like any other human being there are times that the frustration takes over and i find myself allowing my emotions to take control of me and 99 times out of 100 i end up regretting something i said or did because of it. I have made the choice to, when i become consumed by the negativity, to force myself to think of the things that i have going for me.  As i have practiced this concept i have come up with quite a list of things that make me realize that i dont have it nearly as bad as many people in these trying times.  Here are just a few of the many things that keep my head above water when i feel like im starting to sink.

1. My Girl – I have never experienced being with someone that love me unconditionally and without ceasing. Its a great feeling to know that when i am frustrated and at the end of my rope i can lean on her to support me and keep me sane.  Its so easy keep going when you have the support and love that Taylor gives to me daily.  I only hope that i give back to her what she gives to me even if only in part. I love you baby!

2. My Family – I couldnt be more thankful that my parents have been willing to put up with me in their home after being on my own for 2 years prior to the downturn.  Ill admit there are some hard times and some times that i think id be better of roughing it, but the truth is i know that they are there for me and will be there when i need them. Its also been really great being able to hang with my brother, it was pretty hard being away from him before i moved out here.

3. My Music – Im not really sure where i would be without music.  Its all i’ve really been good and and i know that its a total gift from God that He’s given me the ability and heart to lead others in worship.  It doesn’t stop at leading worship though, i’ve been really focused on writing music lately and have been able to vocalize a lot of the things that are going on in my life that i think people can connect with no matter what point of life they are in…I hope!  No word yet on when any sort of recording will materialize but i did just acquire the ability to do some home recording via ProTools so more on that to come.

Last But Not Least

4. My Entertainment – Movies, Sports, Video Games, FACEBOOK, Dinner, you name it, but there is something about being able to get away for a while and just have fun.  Gift cards to movies and dinner, watching baseball or football on tv, call of duty, and yes, facebook are outlets for me to keep my sanity.  Although i dont have the money to go out all the time, the times that i do get to have a night on the town i take full advantage of enjoying the time with the people i love and care about the most.

What are some things that have kept you going in hard times?  When all else fails, fall on those things that bring you comfort and joy.  Use them to keep you energized and positive even in times of worry or trouble.

  1. I love your post!! I agree with the family and entertainment. Those all keep me going. What also keeps me going is keeping a journal of what great things God is doing in me! It helps me focus on the positive, like you are doing! Also, staying in community with a small group and a church keep my focus on God and others, and all that He can do through each of us! 🙂

    -Amber Bodine,

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