10 Year Reunion // Don’t Throw Your Saved Stones

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

This year marks my 10-year High School reunion. Besides wondering where the time has gone, I have been trying to figure out what the point is in attending such a reunion. Is it to compare lives with the people that you grew up with? Is it about remembering all the great times we had back when we didn’t have to be responsible adults? Better yet, maybe awkwardly reconnecting with an ex that, like you, has moved on in life and started a family of his or her own.

I have contemplated whether or not I wanted to be involved in this event for some time now and have come to a rather interesting outcome. Let me explain.

In high school I never really fit in. I was a music nerd, a band geek, and rightly labeled as such. I was band President, choir Treasurer and involved in every musical ensemble that my school had to offer. It was that label that kept me from attaching to a certain group for fear of continued judgment of the fact that I loved music and was good at it.

It was the invite to the reunion that caused some of those old memories to come back. The funny thing was that instead of feeling hurt or angry for the past, the things that were pointed in my direction back then, I began judging the very people that judged me all those years ago. I found myself looking up classmates on Facebook and looking at my old yearbooks picture by picture remember just how badly so and so had treated me. I thought about the ‘jocks’ the ‘popular girls’ and the ‘girls that got around’ and started judging them for all the things they did back then and the fact that they are surely the same today as they were 10 years ago. I was doing the exact thing to every one of those people that they had done to me while we were in school.

As I searched out my classmates I noticed that many now have families of their own, successful jobs and many have come to know the Lord. In my mind I was thinking ‘there is no way (insert name) is a Christ follower. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Who am I to judge? Who are any of us to judge each other?

In John 8, Jesus forgives the adulterous woman from a crowd of religious leaders and others that want to stone her for her sins. I found myself standing in that crowd ready to throw stones at people I no longer know, simply judging them for things they had done.  At this point I could all but hear Jesus saying, “let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!”

It would be interesting to see if the “adulterous” label followed the woman or if her new life was started fresh in the eyes of those who previously judged her.

When we enter into community with others, we learn each other’s stories, the past, the redemption of that past, and the transformation to our new selves. I would like to challenge you, in your times of fellowship with one another, not to judge but rather to forgive the past, celebrate the redemption of that past and walk along side one another in love as our lives are transformed by God’s radical and unending grace.

  1. Wonderful thought Kyle. I too had contemplated many of the same thoughts you have. Not only for my 10th, but my 20th reunion as well. Both, I did not attend. It was on my 30th that I decided to go, thinking there was no way the attitudes would be the same, mine included.

    I wish I would have prepared my own heart better. As much as I wanted to stand and show them there was no longer a need to cast their stones, I was armed with my own stones. Waiting for every opportunity to defend myself and cast a stone for the pain they had inflicted in my circumstance.

    As I sat at the table with some that were my “friends” I found I didn’t know them at all. My heart hurt for them and their “clicky” attitudes.

    Then I moved on to a table of those that I knew just from having class together. Some of them were more accepting than others. Some have found the Lord and all stones were dropped. But there are still those, armed with more stones than I ever thought they had. Instead of casting my stones as I felt so justified in doing, I found myself dropping all my stones and asking forgivness for my attitude.

    Those are the ones that need my prayers the most. As the adulterous woman, we all need a chance to repent. Some take longer than others, but stones cast from us only takes away that opportunty by turning them away from the grace and love of Christ. Instead I have learned to love them from afar. I pray for them to find the Lord and His mercy. I find myself more and more thankful that God opened my eyes and ears because I always thought my sin was greater than theirs.

  2. Dude, well written! Love it. Hope this means I will see you this summer to catch up?

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