// Why I Don’t Use Coasters //

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

I remember when I was young and if I set a cup or soda (pop if you are from the mid-west) can on the coffee table or end table I would always hear “please use a coaster.” I never really understood the idea behind it until I became an adult and had a place of my own, a coffee table of my own. The idea of protecting the items that I purchased became much more important to me after I had to pay for them.

So why do people use coasters? Besides protecting you valuables the idea of a coaster makes it impossible unlikely that a condensation ring or sticky soda ring is left behind. In reality it’s a fantastic invention (even if it is just a piece of cardboard) that if properly used serves its purpose.

…but…I don’t use them!


Because the more I thought about their purpose, I started thinking about my life, my existence on earth. When I get a drink and put the glass or can on the coaster I simply drink it and then throw the can away or put the glass on the counter or it he sink. If I look 10 minutes later you would never know that a drink had ever been there. When I don’t use a coaster that ring remains, reminding me that I had that 140 calorie Coke against my better judgement or that the water I had was a good decision. The ring is a reminder that the beverage was once there. That’s what I want from my life! I want to leave rings everywhere I go. Hopefully the rings I leave will be positive and inspire others to make good choices as well, but maybe the bad rings will help others learn from my mistakes.

Whether you grew up in the church or not, everyone has been asked “what do you want on your tombstone when you die?” I’ve pondered that from time to time, wondering if my legacy will be one that many will recognize, that many will celebrate. In other words I don’t want to be forgotten when I am gone, I want others to remember my passions and carry my flag when I no longer can.

I hope that you decide to stop using coasters. I hope that you leave your mark on this world and everyone around you. Don’t play it safe, get a little crazy and leave some rings on some tables.


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