The Beautiful Brown Valley

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Its easy to overlook the beauty in something that you have seen for years.  This morning on my drive to Central, i found myself taking the ramp from the 215 to the 95.  For some strange reason i glanced to my left as i rounded the curve of the ramp and saw the valley, not just in part, but the whole thing.  It was a clear view of all that is Las Vegas.  The mountains, some still ‘covered’ in snow, the downtown area with all the hotels, and even off in the distance you see peoples homes just fade off into the distance.  Its odd that today it really hit me…how large this valley really is.  I grew up in a rural community of less than 10,000 people, so this city for me is a wide expanse of cultural diversity and highway insanity.  Although i miss the green grass and rolling hills of Illinois and Indiana, I have truly come to love the texture of the brown that is Las Vegas.  It amazes me that the image of this place was made after the image of God and that if you travel a few hours in any direction that image changes so dramatically.  Still if you go elsewhere is there anything better than returning home?  This valley can mean so many things to so many different people, hurt, strife, fear, debt…etc.  but if you take a step back and look at the lights and the sounds there are so many things here that are beautiful beyond human understanding.  Take a look around and see all of the things that this valley can offer.  Well, maybe not the valley itself but the creative mind of a God so immense that the picture of this valley has been in his scrapbook from the beginning of time.


have you ever had those times where all you want to do is get something out of your head and on to a piece of paper, yet when you sit down to put it down, you lose your thought?  I feel like that is where i have been for a while now.  I love writing.  I remember back in jr. high writing poetry for competitions and always placing in the top 2 or 3.  I remember writing for the school newspaper and thinking that one day im going to be a writer for a large newspaper in a big city.  I remember touring the country with 4 of my best friends and working every day to write a song…i tried for one a day.  When did that passion for writing get clouded by the “things i have to get done?”  Ive been working so hard to please everyone that ive left behind a part of me that i enjoyed…a part of me that gave me life.  I guess that is part of this whole blog thing, to get back into writing and try to regain some of the ability that i had before.

Words used to roll of my pencil with ease.  I could sit down and within 15 minutes have a completed lyrical base for a song…now that all seems so foreign.  I sit and stare at a blank sheet of paper thinking to myself, “why cant i do this right now?”  Of course all of the things that i feel are work putting on paper happen at the most inopportune times, in the shower, driving, etc.  I used to carry a notebook in my car and literally pull off the road to write down something that had hit me on the drive home from school.

Here is the thing, we all have things that we love, that bring us to life, lets stop ignoring them and use them to better ourselves AND others.  I think if we all try and take a little time for ourselves to reenergize and recuperate then those around us will feel like they can do the same…and in turn EVERYONE WILL BE MORE HAPPY!!!  Sounds good to me!  what do you think???


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Ive come to the conclusion that a lot of the time i tend to waste time on things that dont matter much.  I have spent less and less time writing and fiddling around on guitar which are two things that really bring me life.  I have decided that both of these things need to become a little bit more of a priority so im going to make a second attempt at this whole blogging thing.  Im not sure who or if anyone will read it but the point is really just for my own betterment and desire to get back to the place where i enjoy doing it as much as possible.

hope you take the ride with me


My Movie

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Ive often though, “what would a movie about my life look like?”  I’ve always been an arts person, taken classes on film and music, I rarely stop listening to the things around me, its the way i connect with God, with nature, with life.  Often in car rides i find myself thinking, “what song would be playing right now if this were a movie?”  I think about my past, the songs that would create the rises and falls of my soundtrack.  I imagine the camera that would catch the glimpses of my life, the moments in time that forms my story.  There are moments of joy, laughter, pain, love, heartbreak, and friendship.  What moments would i skip, which would be scenes that i wish to delete? Which scenes would i keep for the out takes?   I think about the moments that lead to the present and beyond into the future.  I can almost hear the soundtrack in completion.  Granted i dont know whats in my future, none of us do, but i know that there will be many more moments of joy and sadness and anger and love.  I would like to think that my movie would be something that catches someone’s attention, something that someone can connect to.  Even if it is just one scene, just one connection, thats all i would wish.  What it comes down to is connections, thats why we watch TV or movies, we connect with a character.  That character may or may not be “us” on screen but there is something about who that character is that we connect to.  Maybe its the situation the character is going through, maybe its the emotion of the character, there is always something that is connected to us in some way.  I find it funny that so many people can connect to a movie or music because “yeah, thats what ive been through, thats how i felt in that situation”, yet why is it so hard to connect with people in real life.  Why do we look down at those that show weakness that show vulnerability?  A movie is a movie, we can connect to those characters because we relate to something in the emotion of the film… I wish that there were more people willing to do that in real life.


OK…so wedding!  My only cousin on my dads side got married this past weekend! it was a great ceremony, the reception was beautiful and to top it all off there was a sweet photo booth with lots of fun stuff to wear.  12 hour drive from Vegas to Ft. Collins, colorado. needless to say, even with 4 drivers thats a long trip!  Anyways call me a little ahead of myself, but why is it that the music i would have played in My wedding is always played at others weddings?!?! Im not sure if its ok to use the same songs or not.  Hmmmm, maybe i should find a girl before i start picking the songs huh? Regardless the song choices weddings for me are always bitter sweet!  Im so happy for the people that are getting married but at the same time, i kinda wish it was me…kinda thing.  I know, im 25 ‘plenty of time’ but at the same time the whole idea of a family and someone to share life with has always been one of the things that i hold very near to me.  I’ve dated some pretty stellar girls all of which didnt work out for one reason or another and I cant say i would do anything different, it just wasn’t right.  I know God has something incredible for me and with that i am pretty content right now.  I’m not saying that I won’t keep my eyes open but right now its more just working on me.  

Growing up in Illinois, I saw my share of pretty sweet sunsets over the cornfields or the occasional city skyline known as Chicago.  These were always pretty great times, but i have to say moving to Vegas has been even more exciting because of some of the mountain sunsets that i’ve gotten to see.  During this trip to Colorado however, we were staying at a nice little facility overlooking a lake.  Mountains in the background and a nice cool breeze brushing the face, i got to see the most heavenly sunset i think i can remember.  The colors were strong and bright and you just get that little tingle that rolls down your spine, like after a swim in the pool when its just  a bit too chilly but it still feels really good!  Anyways, I just thought it was really cool to see the amazing things that God has given to us even though we may take them for granted some times.

i guess thats it


Busted Up…

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Back in the day I used to be really active in sports and stuff. Baseball, tennis, soccer, street hockey, golf…etc.  The problem is when i played these sports for some reason i always picked the position that would cause the most pain to myself… apparently I’m a masochist.  I was the catcher in baseball, the goalie in both soccer and hockey and Ienjoyed being the front man in doubles tennis (yes! i was hit many times by some LAZER beam shots).  My junior year of high school i was jumping on a trampoline with a good friend of mine, we were trying to do that whole double bounce thing to make each other go higher, and my right knee hyper-extended.  Needless to say this is not a good thing.  I ended up with a blown ACL (ligament) in my knee which would need to be surgically repaired.  

After surgery I began the 6 months of rehab to work my knee back into shape.  Things went smooth and although i have had some problems with my knee from time to time, i feel like i have been able to lead a pretty active life… until recently. 

For some reason my knee started acting up about 6 months ago again.  It swells up like a balloon and then gets real stiff and hard to move.  I’ve been gaining weight because i cant do anything active on it for fear of worsening the damage, and I HATE IT.  I’ve never really been a “fit” guy before but i have always been comfortable with my weight and have been able to keep it the same for years, but this is just killing me.  I enjoy being active and I really miss baseball/softball.  I need to see a doctor for this thing and i don’t have a way to do that (no insurance).  

Im doing spectacular other than that!  Sometimes i just wish i was a lizard… then i could have someone pull off my leg (i know its just tails on lizards) and i could grow a new one!  


so im not usually one to do something like this, but i enjoy writing.  I hope for those of you that will read this will find it interesting and maybe even join in.  On to the first post!


So ive been in Sin City (Las Vegas, NV) for about 6 months now. Its hard to believe how quickly time flies when you are in the midst of change. I have to say that the scenery out here, although very brown (cause it’s a desert), is quite spectacular if you really take the time to look around and enjoy the beauty that God has created.  As time has pressed on i have found my self enjoying my surroundings more and more every day.  When i look on the horizon I see mountains that are so majestic and a city that if you really take a second to look is quite breathtaking.  Im used to small towns, farming communities with small downtowns and communities that know their neighbors.  What a difference from here to there.  The thought of moving out here was terrifying for me!  Im learning that community is what you make it.  Im learning that wherever you go there will always be friends. Old ones that you never lose contact with, and new ones that make you feel that you have been in a new place for years.  Its been an amazing time of growth for me though.  God is moving out here in ways I could have never imagined.  All that to say, change isn’t a bad thing, its just change thats all.  

Boy is it hot out here!  Yeah ill admit getting out here in December was great cause i missed the winter in the mid-west, but i cant say im looking forward to the intensity of a desert summer!  …”but its a dry heat”…its still 100 degrees!!! thats still hot and I got my first taste of it today while out golfing.  Yeah thats right heat and even better, SUNBURN!  So the fact that there are zero clouds out here apparently contributes to the intensity of the suns UltraViolet rays.  All i know is my arms are red, my ears look like rudolphs nose, and i have a burn line where my golf glove was on my left hand.  It doesn’t hurt (knock on wood) but lesson learned for real!  Apparently there is this product called sunscreen that supposedly keeps this burnification from happening…i must invest in this foreign material immediately!!! 

This brings me to A/C or air conditioning for you non-abbreviation folk.  I now understand the function of this AMAZING mechanical device.  For years i have thought that this contraption was just a good way to stay comfortable even when it wasnt completely necessary.  WELL, let me tell you how intensely amazing it feels when you go from a 100 degree, solar baked desert to a heavenly, slightly chilled building!!  I firmly believe that the inventor of the A/C should be given the highest award mankind has to offer…ill have to do some research on what that is, but he should get it! 

Thats all i have to say about that